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Phi Sigma Society
Student Research Travel Grant Program

Phi Sigma, the National Biological Sciences Academic Honor Society, offers Student Research Travel Grants.


  • Limited to 10 percent of a chapter's most recent initiation class, with a maximum of five students per chapter
  • Limited to two students per faculty mentor
  • The student must be a member of Phi Sigma, or will be inducted during the chapter's next initiation
  • Student must attend an international, national, state, or regional meeting outside of the student's institution
  • Research must be published as an abstract, poster presentation, oral presentation, workshop, colloquium, seminar, working group, or newsletter with the student as author/presenter or co-author/co-presenter
  • A copy of the abstract or session schedule indicating the presentation must be included with the application, or forwarded to the National Office as soon as it is available

Amount of grant will be $400.

Application forms are available from your Chapter Faculty Advisor(s) or on the Student Travel Grant page.

Send completed application forms to:

Phi Sigma Travel Grant
c/o Dr. Gene Wong
Endicott College
376 Hale Street
Beverly, MA    01915-2096

Travel grant applications must be received by September 1 or March 1 of each year. Applications can be mailed to Dr. Gene Wong or sent to him electronically at

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