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   Devoted to the promotion of research and academic excellence in the biological sciences
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A message from the National Office of Phi Sigma

Greetings from the International Office of the Phi Sigma Biological Sciences Honor Society where Ms. Catherine Wong and Dr. Gene Wong serve as officers. We invite you to explore the history, purpose, and activities of our Honor Society and its Chapters.

We currently have openings for leadership in Phi Sigma. We are accepting applications for Phi Sigma President and regional Vice-President positions. Please contact Catherine or Gene if you are interested in supporting the mission of Phi Sigma.

We value the personal relationships we have established with our Chapters and, as our mission states, encourage new relationships with anyone devoted to the promotion of research and academic excellence in the biological sciences.

Catherine and Gene Wong
National Office
Phi Sigma Biological Sciences Honor Society


The Phi Sigma Biological Sciences Honor Society was founded at Ohio State University, March 17, 1915.  The Phi Sigma Society became a member society of the Association of College Honor Societies in 1950.


Jewelry.The emblem of the Society consists of an ancient watch-key formed of the Greek letters Phi and Sigma, the former being superimposed upon the latter. Together, they signify FELLOWS IN SCIENCE. Fellowship in science includes ardent cooperative effort, effesctive leadership, and creative scholarship.


Daisy"Truth Shall Spring out of the Earth"
The official coat-of-arms of Phi Sigma Society consists of a simple heraldic shield with a scroll beneath it bearing the above motto of the Society in Greek. Out of the black field, representing ignorance, grow the green, white, and gold flowers of the Society, the Shasta Daisy, Pearl.representing Truth seeking to rise toward the light. In the silver sky of light and knowledge appears the fiery cloud of intellectual inspiration, out of which a hand comes bearing the pearl, the Society jewel. The pearl, most interesting biologically of all precious stones, is emblematic of a scientist's reward, the conscious duty well done.

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